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The Breath Of Chance

“I hear drums of war: Drums, they strike, “Tum!” Thundering, Daring my withins to stand The trembles, Trembles, before, I could not bear; Why would I dare now? Stand? On what ground? That yet Trembles with the nearing…”


“The wind was ever gentle on the skin. It was ever something to love; it was ever So mighty—how wondrous, were the bows Of the reeds, and the hisses of the trees…”

Let It Be

“I fought so hard to live. It was a fight to the death— Every step forth burned My soles, my bones, my core; Every step tore me apart, And rebound me so that I Could feed my beasts of doom…”

What Is Yours Is Everlasting

“Within all, blossoms something of wondrous beauty— Let it grow, let it burn, let it light your way. You who welcomes dawn, watches the day sprout and grow; You who stands over the haze, the howls, and the orange cracks at dawn, Bear in you the beauty of life, the rare glamour of it…”