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“Losses on losses, like showers of life—cold showers, Whipping against the flesh, washing comfort off, Washing me off, slow, yet in actuality, teaching the mind Growth—how subtle are the effects of good chilled…”

What Is Yours Is Everlasting

“Within all, blossoms something of wondrous beauty— Let it grow, let it burn, let it light your way. You who welcomes dawn, watches the day sprout and grow; You who stands over the haze, the howls, and the orange cracks at dawn, Bear in you the beauty of life, the rare glamour of it…”

The Paths Of Choice

Scurrying through my mind’s enveloping dark, I clasp reason; smokey above and smokey below. Whoosh! Whoosh! Accompany my passing, “To the gates! To the gates!” A whisper a-side, “Decision, make it now, no time! No better time!” The dark is full, I scurry through; my mind is full.