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The Good You Can Afford

Do not reap joy from another’s sadness,
Or live in the expense of another’s breath—
Joy and life are not rewards, they fade;
Sadness and death are destinations for all.

Do not assume pleasure from another’s displeasure,
Or walk with pride, having caused another harm—
Pleasure is the briefest thing you will ever feel, son
And pride has a curse to it; falls… and falls break.

Do not let the sun fall, your thoughts of another vile,
Or let the sun rise, your plans of another still dark—
Evil does not heal evil; forgive when you cannot…
Evil does not reward with good; it consumes you.

That is all for today; see you tomorrow! Today’s five pieces are here.


Photo source: pixabay

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Benie Langat

Benie is a poet and fiction writer, living in Nairobi, Kenya. He shares thought-provoking discussions, and occasionally does spoken word poetry and plays. Benie is also a freelance content and article writer. A dreamer, he realizes a world of possibilities through stories and explores life in poetry.

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