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An interesting story is worth every second you spend reading it. My goal is to ensure you get the most from our engagements between these lines and pages. Do you enjoy short stories? Poems? Thought-provoking discussions? Then Benie Writes could be for you!

What to expect

  • Mondays- updates, short fiction prompts, poetry prompts.
  • Tuesdays- discussions, short/flash fiction.
  • Wednesdays- poetry.
  • Thursdays- discussions, short/flash fiction.
  • Fridays- spoken word, plays.

Feel free to have a look around (you never know what more you may like!) If you would like to explore longer short fiction stories, then here is my recommendation. My flash-fictions include stories of as few as 6 words!

Pass word…

Don’t keep all this fun to yourself; share what you like/enjoy with your friends/family. Sharing is caring.

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